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What can the razberi™ ServerSwitch™ do for you?

Server – SmartSwitch™ – Storage – Software

The razberi™ ServerSwitch™ replaces the traditional server, storage devices, network switch, and camera power supplies with a single appliance designed for IP video recording and management.


Razberi™ appliances include embedded Layer-2 Smart and Managed Switches with a simple browser user interface. Graphical interfaces show power consumption and data rates while simple menus offer VLAN management and other features. Each appliance delivers high PoE (802.3at) and includes SPF Combo ports to support fiber uplink transmission. Connecting IP cameras directly to the razberi™ appliance can reduce or eliminate video streaming on existing company networks.


The razberi™ appliances use only video or enterprise-rated hard drives for maximum performance and reliability under the stress of recording megapixel video. These purpose-built drives have been tuned for video streaming, 24 × 7 operation and low power consumption. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 configurations are available in the new MPRO24 port models and with RAZ-ST extended storage. Solid State Drives are available on build-to-order requests. The standard 3 year warranty covers all appliance parts including disk drives.


The razberi™ appliances offer multiple processor options ranging from Intel Atom to Intel Core i7 to provide the “right-sized” performance, scale and reliability to support a wide range of video management software configurations.


The razberi™ appliances support software from leading providers including Milestone, OnSSI, Exacq and others.

Available Models

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